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Welcome to Urology Info. Unfortunately, urological diseases are common.Prostate cancer is the most common internal cancer in men. Many men after 50 suffer from some degree of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. You may see blood in your urine or have a stone, urine leak, varicocele, infertility or erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, diseases are picked up earlier these days and newer surgical techniques are more effective and have fewer side effects. On this website which is supported by Campbell Health & Education Inc, you can find information that will help you pick up your disease earlier and/or better navigate through your treatment journey. You may also be required by your doctor to fill out some of our questionnaires. These questionnaires have been prepared by Campbell Health and Education Incorporation and are compatible with the most recent North America's guidelines. Some of these questionnaires are lengthy but they will help your doctor better pinpoint your problems. Please notice that your doctor may also ask you some other questions based on his or here discretion.
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About Director


Dr. Kaviani, MD, FEBU, Campbell Health and Education

Dr. Aaron  Kaviani is currently the Director of Urology Info and Director of Campbell Health and Education Inc. Dr. Kaviani is a Board Certified urologist and  has taken different qualifying exams like European Board of Urology examsMedical Council of Canada exams and United States's Federation of State Medical Boards Licensure  exams. He has done a fellowship in Paris which was mainly focused on prostate cancer surgery and has published 5 books together with other faculties from different universities regarding prostate cancer, bladder cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia. To find out more, click on : Dr. Kaviani

Prostate Cancer awareness             

1 in 6-7 men gets prostate cancer
Prostate cancer can be diagnosed by simple tests while it is still asymptomatic           
Most urologists believe all men after age of 40-55, depending on personal history, should have regular prostate check-ups 
If it is diagnosed early, it can be treated effectively 
Bladder Cancer awareness    
If you see any blood in your urine,  please see your doctor        
If  it is diagnosed early it can be treated much more easily

Testicular Cancer awareness
If you love yourself, you should check yourself                
If  you see any lumps or asymmetries in your testes, please see your doctor        
If it is detected early, it can be treated more easily


Chairman, 12th Asian Congress of Urolog

Latest Urology Textbooks

Prostate Cancer book, Campbell Health and Education, 2014

Kaviani A, Fleshner N, Hosseini j
Campbell Health and Education 


Kaviani A,Fleshner N,Hosseini j

Campbell Health and Education


Other books by Dr. Kaviani & Colleagues:

These books have not been published by Campbell  Health and Education  but their contents are being used for educational purposes.

                 Prostate book, Dr. Kaviani

Bladder Cancer book, Kaviani, Hosseini, Djavan

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